Download any of our plans for the Rotorua. Suffer. events

Once you have purchased the plan you are redirected to a site to download the PDF, and there will also be a link in the receipt which is emailed to you.



To get through this plan you should be swim continuously for at least 30 minutes, cycling for 2 hours and running (or run/walk) for 45 minutes.  Through the training you will be doing more than this, but you will progress carefully through the training durations.

You should have completed at least a Sprint Triathlon before commencing this training plan.


If you are considering this plan then you have probably completed a few Triathlons, and possibly even a few Half Ironman's too.

You should be comfortable completing swim sessions of 1 hour duration, Cycling 3 hours and running over an hour non-stop.


As an advanced athlete you will no doubt have completed plenty of Triathlons of varying distances.  
Make sure you have a good understanding of your training paces and are comfortable swimming, cycling and running for reasonably long durations.


This event will be the REAL DEAL!  You really only want to enter this event if you are well aware of what it's like to complete a Half Irondistance race, and you may have raced plenty of Irondistance races too.
Be prepared to suffer in this one.  

It may be all part of your training for IRONMAN NZ, which is ideal.  So make the most of it and have a great experience.