2023 Training Plans

Online Training Plans with added coach and community interaction.

Sign up prior to 18 June 2023 to make the most of the Training Plan.  If you do sign up after this date we will make sure you are set up correctly so you're following the same phase as the other athletes in the group.

If you are already a Foot Traffic Training Lab subscription member check the details at the bottom of this page with information on how you sign up

The Training Plans include

  • Structured Training Plans written by Triathlon NZ Accredited CoachRob Dallimore.
  • Training Plans are catered for athletes racing the IRONMAORI Toa event on 2 December 2023.  
  • Choose your desired level of training plan; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
  • Training plans are delivered every 4 weeks.
  • Access your Training Plan through the Foot Traffic Coaching Membership Site and view it on your own calendar.
  • Detailed workout notes for all swim, bike and run sessions.
  • Follow the interval cycling sessions on Zwift, FulGaz, Rouvy or TrainerRoad with our Downloadable ZWO and MRC files.
  • Regular emails describing each block of training
  • Podcasts featuring Coach Rob talking through the training.
  • Access to the Foot Traffic Coaching Online Community.
  • Communicate with other athletes also following the Training Plan through our in-app social groups.

Dates for Training Plan Phases

  • >18 June - Preparation Phase:  Here you can follow a basic plan to start getting you into the regular routine of a Structured Training Plan
  • 19 June - 16 July - Base 1: Start building your aerobic base and developing habits around your training paces and technique
  • 17 July - 13 August - Base 2: Continuation of Base 1 but with a bit more Training Load
  • 14 August - 10 September - Build 1: Develop your Strength Endurance to help cope with the later stages of the event
  • 11 September - 8 October - Build 2: Added Training Load from the Build 1 Phase but also introducing more volume
  • 9 October - 5 November - Specialty: Dial into your pace over the various disciplines.  Develop your natural feel for race day pace
  • 6 November - 3 December - Race: Bring it all together and start winding down to race day.

Training Plan Explanation

2023 IRONMAORI Toa Scholarship Recipient Tiwai Wilson joins Coach Rob Dallimore as he talks through each phase of the Training Plan. Click the link in the video.

If you would prefer to listen to this as a Podcast you can find it in the link below.


Training Lab Max members

No additional charge for you.  Please email to let us know that you are a Max member wanting to be added to the Training Plans.

Standard Training Lab members

You receive a 60% discount on the Training Plans, which makes it $140 for the whole plan.  Head to the Discounts page in the Membership Site to find the correct discount code for this one off payment, or reach out to us and we will send it to you.  The discounted rate only applies to the Pay Once option

Training Lab non-members

You will gain access to the Foot Traffic Training Lab until Wednesday 14 December 2022.  This includes your Training Plan, community interaction, special offers and loads of interesting resources.



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