FulGaz IRONMAN Virtual Series

Join Coach Rob, and some of the other Foot Traffic athlete and Coach community as they make their way through the IRONMAN Virtual Series on FulGaz. We welcome people from all over the world to join us, and you don't have to be a Foot Traffic member.

The IRONMAN Virtual Series

The IRONMAN Virtual Series Powered by FulGaz gives you a chance to ride on segments of some of the most popular IRONMAN courses around the world. Complete all 12 courses and receive a cool finishers medal.

Ride as a Group

Coach Rob Dallimore, and a few of the Foot Traffic Coaching Athletes and Coaches will be doing some of these rides over the coming weeks. The series finishes on January 27, 2024, so we will try to get through as many as we can.

You need to have a current subscription to FulGaz, but if you sign up we will send you the Foot Traffic Club code which will give you 30 days free access. You can use this to check out some of the amazing courses you can ride on FulGaz.

We're going to have alternating weeks of a Monday morning (6am NZT) and an evening (pm NZT) ride to hopefully suit more people. Each week we will let you know of the Group Ride day and time, and which of the IRONMAN Virtual Series courses we will be following. From there you login, head to the correct ride and wait for the start time. You will see other people waiting to start the ride on the screen too.

The new chat feature in FulGaz means we will be able to chat while riding, so use that time to tell stories, ask questions or just motivate others on the ride with you.

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