Downloadable Training Sessions

We have made a few of our training sessions available for non-members to download.  This is just a smattering of some of the sessions that our members are able to access and use in their training plans.  If you have purchased one of our plans off our website then you can use these training sessions.

We regularly add new sessions to our members plans, so as we do that we will release the older (but still awesome) sessions to the publicly available ones

If you are interested in signing up for our Subscription Membership Plans or our Custom Coaching Service have a look here

Core sessions

Core1 Core2

Swim sessions

Indoor Trainer Bike Sessions

Using a website like is a great way to personalise and target your training sessions specifically to your requirements, and a lot of our athletes use that system.  However there are still those who prefer a simple trainer session, and here are some of the ones our members have used successfully in the past.  As with the swimming sessions, we will add new ones to the publicly available ones regularly

Endurance1 Endurance2 Endurance3
Force1 Force2 Force3
Muscular Endurance
MuscularEndurance1 MuscularEndurance2 MuscularEndurance3