All coaching options come with membership to the Foot Traffic Training Lab with both desktop and mobile platforms for your convenience. The Training Lab is your one stop shop for endurance training resources including your personal training calendar, discussion forums, articles of interest, specific workouts, product discounts and much, much more.

All the information you need, all the knowledge backed by research and experience is in one convenient place. In the LAB!


Subscription Membership

Want some direction but not ready for a coach?
Already know the ins and outs but need fresh ideas to spice up your training?
No specific goals in mind for the near future but wanting to keep your fitness and endurance base?

With a range of event and maintenance plans to choose from and regularly updated specific swim, bike, run and strength/core sessions, Subscription Membership might be the option for you.

Start on your path to greatness.

Precision Coaching

Get the complete coaching experience. Open access to our coaches, all the benefits of the Foot Traffic Training Lab combined with a completely personalised training program specific to your goals and current ability level. Training plans are assessed regularly and adjusted to fit your progress. Custom coaching is the rocket fuel of training approaches, designed to sling shot you towards your wildest dreams. We do the thinking, planning and analysis. All that’s left for you to do is to train.  

Be the best you can be.



As Hermione was to Harry and Goose was to Maverick, every hero needs a thinking side kick. Data+ is the ultimate sidekick to any coaching plan. If you are looking for the extra edge, trying to figure out where previous training may have gone wrong or you just love the data, then Data+ is a must have. Unlock your potential with a premium TrainingPeaks account so you can graph your progress, your training stress and make sure you are not training above what your plan recommends. Sit down with one of our coaches and create a race plan using the BestBikeSplits online analysis platform. Combine the power of data with the art of coaching to take your training to new heights.

For more information on these services please feel free to contact us