Anna Lorimer

PhD (Sports Biomechanics), PG Dip (Sport and Exercise), BSc (Hons) Medicinal Chemistry, ISAK Level 3

Coaching Philosophy

Anna is passionate about passing on her knowledge and likes nothing better than to see an athlete steadily improving and enjoying their sport.

More about Anna

Anna is an experienced endurance athlete having competed in triathlon for over 7 years. Anna has competed in 5 full ironman events including the 2014 World Championships in Hawaii and currently holds the female age group course record for Challenge Wanaka.  She came 3rd in her Age Group at the 2009 ITU Long Course World Championships. 

Having recently completed her PhD, she is establishing herself as a triathlon specific biomechanist with a passion for understanding how each of the individual components of an athlete influences the others, and the athletes performance as a whole. Anna's biomechanics experience means she is constantly evaluating how the body works to create the most efficient movement for the individual athlete.

Anna’s extensive science background means she has an in depth understanding about how training, nutrition, rest and recovery influence the body. Anna has a particular interest in tailoring training and nutrition to the female athlete using the research from expert exercise physiologist Dr Stacy Sims and her own experience as a guide. 

At Foot Traffic the aim is to fit the package to the athlete in order to maximise their sporting experience.Anna is experienced at bike set-up and has worked with some of New Zealand’s top track cyclists and triathletes. She believes that a triathlon specific bike fit is essential for injury prevention, in order to maintain the muscle balance required to run effectively off the bike.